About us


Goldstalk founders entered the industry in 2014 as a curiosity and to invest. The more we learned the more interesting became the prospect of dedicating serious time and resources to this special plant. Which we did with confidence.

With some luck and determination we achieved significant, early successes in a variety of marijuana disciplines. We advised and invested in  technology, science, cultivation and other promising projects. We learned pretty fast that relationships were a critical-key driver of the multi fractured California and Nevada markets and as a result cultivated a wide circle of smart industry authorities that we liked personally and proofed up...many who now are industry leaders and our close friends.

Now having some industry reach, Goldstalk Partners is intent on providing a superior service to our clients. Our ethos is centered around service.

Goldstalk members have served the Los Angeles and Las Vegas business community for 30 years, funding over $700MM in business and real estate investments as well as have carefully deployed $15mm in the cannabis space since 2014.

Goldstalk Partners source the best marijuana opportunities and the most promising industry founders in which to engage and serve: We are most interested in working with smart, spirited individuals who need an additional alliance and a reliable, professional relationship that serves their goals of higher and sustained profits, greater efficiencies and sound business practices.