The Goldstalk underwriting team reviews hundreds of marijuana investment opportunities each year and carefully selects suitable opportunities targeted for thorough and rigorous internal underwriting and due diligence. We believe selecting suitable investments is painstaking business and deserves the attention of successful marijuana entrepreneurs and investors.


relationships first.

Goldstalk has business and investor relationships that span decades. Our capital stock comes from these very personal associations of private individuals, family offices and fund managers we know intimately. We always are interested in growing our family with like-minded people who compliment our business efforts with knowledge, experience and capital.


investment performance 

Structured Investing


commercial real estate

Goldstalk is an ultra-personal & professional investment firm whose principals are experts in real estate and real estate finance. Real estate loans for cannabis dispensaries, labs and cultivation setups are the safest investment in cannabis due to the collateral and recourse levers that are not typical of other classes of investment in the industry.


Industry consolidation

Company mergers, consolidations, acquisitions and partner buyouts are a natural part of a new industry’s evolution. This is particularly true of cannabis businesses.  Goldstalk has experience in consulting and financing roll-ups and acquisitions and leads by assembling the framework for these transactions and assisting hired business consultants, brokers and attorneys to realize the intended outcome.


Our Investing Orbit

Since 2014, Goldstalk principals and partners have arranged $17MM in cannabis financing and investments.
Areas where we have seen tremendous success are Contract Manufacturing and Custom Formulation, Testing and Compliance, Domestic Cultivation, International Production and Cultivation, and Going Public efforts. Opportunities that suit us best are those that fold and compliment our current investment positions.


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Goldstalk Operations rely on The Accredited Investment Application Form to determine the best way to serve our new relationships.  The few questions focus on suitability and provide staff the basis for understanding if there exists potential for long term association.