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real estate

Goldstalk principals have been arranging private party real estate loans for 30 years.  All transactions are fully underwritten with full credit packages. Favorable loan terms are extended to all types of properties, borrowers and businesses. Typical closing periods are 2 weeks.


Mergers, Partners,
and Buy-Outs

We have large capital for this work--all private party sourced which promotes both speed and accuracy at closing. Moreover, our supports in accountancy and law are premier and central to our work to take cannabis companies public, arrange, structure and finance mergers and acquisitions. We also finance partnership dissolutions. We help cannabis founders execute their growth strategy quickly.


& packaging

We provide capital and advisory services to founders in the product formulation industry. Our recent and on-going investments and consultancy in a successful California-based custom formulation and contract manufacturing firm underscores our interest in this important segment of our industry.


Testing & Science

Our team continues to invest in the testing industry with all efforts aimed at the Nevada, California and the international markets. We invest in real estate, equipment and talent acquisition, compliance and acquisitions or roll-ups.


& cultivation

We provide capital for cultivation--greenhouse facilities, improvement loans, dispensary construction and rehabs and expansion capital. Our minimum investment or loan is $100,000.


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We dedicate what we know, our serious knowledge and experience, to our clients. We read everything, always listen and meet new centers of influence and information each day...all to be of a higher service to our community of investors, clients, colleagues and friends.



Your personal and company information is sacred to Goldstalk. Our NDA's are mandatory in most circumstances, ensuring high level collaboration without fear of leakage, circumvention or deceit.



Our firm’s staff and management are motivated individuals striving to serve our customers in ways that redefine the marijuana business experience.  Our business philosophy centers around people and helping them make good choices with our capital and intellect--elegantly.

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