Cannabis Investment and Advisory Firm Announces Its Formation in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

Goldstalk, LLC is a recently formed organization that provides capital investment and strategic planning services to top-notch cannabis companies in California and select regions of the world. Company principals have vast experience in raising investment capital for private real estate loans, equity investments in suitable opportunities or a combination of the two for qualified, legal cannabis operators.  


With almost 60 years of local real estate and business finance the Goldstalk team continually and carefully expand its team of the current network of accredited investors, industry partners and cannabis thought leaders. Co-founder and Transaction Underwriter,  Michael Waldman, said this about their growing team, “We have collected and integrated into the Goldstalk fold some of the most knowledgeable and sophisticated people in the industry...people who care and are purposeful. This design has helped us to maintain a clean sheet.  We are mostly concerned with quality work, healthy dialogue and informed decisions.”


The team also brings with it a robust network of investors. Waldman added, “...we are lucky enough to have a group of investors that have trusted us completely over the years. In order to earn that trust we have always focused on due diligence and underwriting.”  


By finding lucrative, de-risked investments and cultivating a supportive network of accredited investors, Goldstalk intends to help the cannabis industry find the capital it needs to become one of the biggest growth categories of our lifetime


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